EAXTRON-USA is an American company headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA

Safety and Durability are keystoen to all of our Engineered Solutions

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A Wealth of Experience and Innovation

We’ve been providing solutions to the Material Handling Industry for more than 30 years. Our investment in R&C allows us to continuously adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market. At EAXTRON-USA, our innovations focus on enabling our customers to take leadership.


Our patented vortex clips allows for a connection that requires 80% less effort while connecting and disconnecting. This reduces risk of workplace injury and hazards.

arcless and locking 

For increased safety, our female contact edge is specially designed to manages arcs.Additionally, our patented locking device provides an audible click to let you know the connection is fully engaged, 

lifetime handle guarantee

Durability is another key component of our design. Our connectors come with a lifetime guarantee on our handles. The Polyamide Housing is engineered for increased durability as well, significantly lowering your total cost of ownership